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With her husband delivering presents to millions of children on Christmas Eve, everyone wants to know what Mrs. Clause does to stay looking so young and vibrant! We’re spilling the beans (or should we say cookies?) on Mrs. Clause’s secret skin care routine and her go-to brand of choice, Envrion Skin Care.

As the leader of the elves and Mrs. Clause’s closest confidant, Elfie is almost always by her side and can testify that there is only one brand she trusts for her skincare needs – Envrion Skin Care! The elves love this line of skin care because it is vegan, cruelty-free, and uses natural ingredients like aloe vera and coconut oil that are gentle enough for even their sensitive skin. Not only do they love the nourishing feeling it leaves behind, but they also adore its subtle fragrance that reminds them of home – a cozy cabin in the woods!

Mrs. Clause swears by Envrion Skin Care’s “Heavenly Hydration” line which helps keep her skin hydrated all winter long while combating dryness from the cold weather and harsh winds on Christmas Eve night. In addition to using this line as part of her daily routine, she also makes sure to exfoliate twice a week with Envrion Skin Care’s “Sugar Scrub Soother” which gets rid of any dead skin cells for a brighter complexion and smoother finish.

Of course, no skin care routine would be complete without adding in some special treatments here & there! For those days when she needs an extra boost or just wants to pamper herself before meeting up with Santa at the North Pole, Mrs. Clause likes to use Envrion Skin Care’s “Glow Mask” which gives her an instant glow after just 10 minutes! She also recommends a weekly face massage with their “Firming Facial Oil” – something she swears by when it comes to keeping wrinkles at bay!

As you can see, Mrs. Clause loves using Envrion Skin Care products as part of her daily beauty routine – something that keeps her looking youthful & vibrant despite all of those late nights helping Santa out at the North Pole every year! If you want to get in on this secret too then look no further than your nearest store for these amazing products that are sure to make you look & feel like Mrs. Claus herself! Who says you can’t be glowing during the holidays? Let Envrion Skin Care help you out this year!

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