Eliminate Stubborn Fat and Define Your Curves with Evolve by InMode

Most people still find stubborn fat pockets in different parts of their bodies even after months of a strict diet and exercise – some of them even stop their weight loss regime after seeing the lack of results in their bodies. If you want to try a quick and effective way of reshaping your body without going through surgery, then Evolve by InMode might be your best bet.

So how does Evolve by InMode work in giving you the best body shape you can have? Unlike most body contouring procedures that only eliminate the stubborn fat cells in different parts of the body, The Evolve system utilizes three (3) handpieces to trim the excess fat, remodel the skin, and tone the muscles in the treatment area. This allows patients to achieve optimal results without undergoing surgery.

How Evolve by InMode Works

While most body contouring treatments target the stubborn fat cells in the treatment area, Evolve by InMode utilizes a 3-in-1 system to achieve the best results. Here’s how each treatment in The Evolve System works:

  • Evolve Trim – This treatment focuses on eliminating stubborn fat and reducing the appearance of cellulite using a combination of deep tissue heating, radiofrequency energy, and vacuum technology. The RF energy heats the skin to melt the fat while the vacuum works with the energy pulses to shape the body naturally.
  • Evolve Tite – This aesthetic solution remodels the skin using radiofrequency energy. Evolve Tite was developed based on the ACE (acquire, control, and extend) technology, a skin rejuvenation technique that delivers volumetric heat to the subdermal layers and ensures that no areas are over or under-treated. Both ACE technology and Evolve Tite provide amazing and consistent skin tightening results.
  • Evolve Tone – This muscle toning procedure utilizes electrical muscle stimulation (EMS) to induce muscle contractions in the treatment areas. It’s a non-invasive solution that increases muscle strength and enhances the shape of the body.

Before and After

Frequently Asked Questions about Evolve by InMode

Q: Is Evolve by InMode safe?

A: All of the treatments in The Evolve System are non-invasive, which makes them safer than surgical procedures. Evolve Trim, Tite, and Tone all have Patient Call Buttons that patients may use to call the staff in case the treatment becomes uncomfortable for them. Our staff pauses the treatment and makes certain adjustments to ensure the patient’s comfort and safety.

Q: How many Evolve by InMode sessions do I need?

A: The exact number of sessions depends on the treatment area’s condition and the patient’s personal objectives. The treatment frequencies are tailored to achieve optimal results, but most patients notice gradual improvement after the first few sessions. Consult with us today to find out how many Evolve by InMode sessions you need to achieve your desired body shape.

Q: What kind of post-procedure care does Evolve by InMode need?

A: All of the treatments in The Evolve System don’t require a recovery period or downtime. Evolve by InMode is a quick treatment that allows patients to return to their daily activities as soon as the entire procedure is done. Patients may experience warmth and redness in the treated areas, but they usually subside after a few hours.

Is Evolve by InMode the right pick for you?

While Evolve by InMode produces great body contouring results, it might not be the best treatment for everyone. Before trying out any kind of aesthetic treatment, it’s important to consult a medical professional first to find out if it’s the right procedure for you. You’re qualified for an Evolve by InMode treatment if:

  • You understand how the treatment works: While the treatments used in The Evolve System are generally safe, it’s still important to understand how they work and what their risks are before trying the procedure. This allows the patient to create informed decisions about their aesthetic treatment. Consult with Laura Matjasich, Majestic Aesthetics’ award-winning aesthetic injector, and nurse practitioner, now to find out if Evolve by InMode is the best treatment for you.
  • You have good overall health: Before undergoing any kind of aesthetic treatment, it’s important to ensure that the patient is healthy first. Some medical conditions or medications might affect how the body heals or reacts to the treatment.
  • You’re willing to follow the doctor’s instructions: Our experts provide patients with detailed instructions and a list of things to avoid before, during, and after the treatment. This allows us to ensure there won’t be complications and that each patient experiences the best results.