Teeth Whitening

Say "No More" to yellowing teeth

At Majestic Aesthetics and Wellness, we have created a process with this Organic Teeth Whitening Gel that enables you to achieve your brightest smile in just one appointment! Our gel whitens three layers deep and includes vitamins and minerals to help repair damaged enamel, significantly reduce sensitivity, and aid in killing any bacteria. You will leave with a brighter, and healthier, smile!

This gel, combined with our teeth whitening training course will help you receive the best teeth whitening experience.

Our high quality Remineralizer and Desensitizer treatment contains trace minerals that are essential to healthy teeth. It’s a quick and easy treatment that goes hand-in-hand with the teeth whitening process, and is highly beneficial for all clients.

For sensitivity, it helps desensitize your teeth by numbing the nerves that could be affected due to dehydration.

Why it's important to implement teeth whitening into your beauty routine

Whether you realize it or not, your smile can leave a lasting negative or positive impression. A bright smile can play an important role when it comes to aging and self confidence. Even if proper oral health care is followed, it doesn’t guarantee that you will have perfectly white teeth throughout your entire life. Not very many people consider implementing a teeth whitening procedure into their beauty or anti-aging regimen but hopefully by the end of this blog, you can see why laser teeth whitening is an important part of a weekly, monthly, or yearly routine.

As we age, tooth enamel naturally wears away and we may experience discoloration, dullness, and stains. Most accept this process as aging, but others are willing to see the value of laser teeth whitening. Nobody should have to live with a smile that they are unhappy with. If your pearly white teeth aren’t white anymore, this would be the first sign of adding laser teeth whitening to your current beauty regimen.

What Areas Can the Laser Treat?

DiolazeXL has a large treatment surface that makes it a fast and convenient procedure to treat various areas of the body. It is highly effective in removing unwanted hair from the face, chin, and sideburns.

At our aesthetics location, we have successfully used this innovative device for laser hair removal in Twin Falls to minimize and eliminate hair growth on legs, arms, bikini, stomach, chest, shoulders, underarms, back, and neck.

What to Expect During a Professional Teeth Whitening Treatment?

Once you decide to move forward with a professional teeth whitening treatment, although every professional is different, most of the treatments follow a similar pattern. We provide a process of 3-4 back-to-back sessions for our clients, making the appointment about 90 minutes. After the treatment is complete, the clients teeth can brighten up to 14 shades, with an average improvement of three to eight shades after the first 20 minutes, and the end result is a whiter and healthier smile.

In general, with professional teeth whitening, a whitening gel will be placed on your teeth and then a laser light will be used to activate the gel and assist with the teeth whitening. When it comes to a professional whitening treatment, the results are generally safer, quick, and amazing. Here at Fresh Effects we specifically use an organic whitening gel formulation that is a plant and mineral-based product with built -in enamel building qualities. Not only are the active ingredients safe and effective, but it can also help kill bacteria. Our gel doesn’t change or damage the structure of the teeth and it is non-abrasive. We also use a cold blue LED light that oxidizes our gel to help speed up the process of the active ingredients.

During the teeth whitening appointment, we include a remineralizing treatment that helps repair the enamel and assists with longer-lasting results. The end result is more than just a beautiful (or handsome), white smile!

How long does teeth whitening last?

Majestic Aesthetics and Wellness can’t guarantee how long results will last because everybody has different tooth composition, diet of colored foods and drinks, and hydration. These are factors in determining the length of results, but the average is 3-6 months.