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Once upon a summer, there was a group of three friends who were about to go on the greatest adventure of their lives. Little did they know that the sun would be their biggest enemy and ally at the same time.

The friends, Anna, Zoey, and Jackson, got up bright and early one morning and started to prepare for the day. They had planned out every detail of their journey; they would go to the beach in search of shells while enjoying the warmth of the sun. As they gathered up their supplies such as buckets, sunscreen, towels, and snacks, they all agreed that it would be a wonderful day full of memories they wouldn’t soon forget.

But what Anna knew that her friends didn’t was that she had been warned by her parents not to forget her sunscreen. She remembered how her dad had always said that those sunburns looked like “leathery skin” when she got older and how he advised against it by saying “always wear sunscreen”.

Anna knew this was important but wasn’t sure if her friends would take her seriously or think she was being overprotective. Nevertheless, Anna decided that she should bring it up just in case because it was better to be safe than sorry. She grabbed the bottle off the shelf with excitement as if proclaiming to everyone “I have sunscreen!”

Her friends laughed nervously before asking why she bothered bringing it and admitted that although they’d heard about its importance before, none of them actually wore sunscreen regularly or believed in its power.

Anna took a deep breath before launching into an explanation about why it was important. She explained how sunlight can cause skin damage like wrinkles and age spots as well as more serious conditions like skin cancer. With each word spoken her friends seemed more interested in understanding why wearing sunscreen is so important– especially since UV radiation from the sun penetrates clouds year-round no matter where you live!

Anna continued further by explaining how SPF 15 blocks out approximately 93% of UVB rays which are known for causing burns whereas higher SPF levels like 30 block out 97%. It’s also essential to apply enough cream (2mg/cm2) so you’re fully covered with protection when outside playing or exercising during peak hours between 10am-4pm when UVB rays are strongest!

By the end of it all Zoey had chosen an extra special bottle of watermelon scented SPF 50+ while Jackson opted for spray-on SPF 30+. Anna smiled knowing that she had successfully convinced them with facts even though they still thought she was being overprotective (which secretly made her happy). They all put on their sunscreen before heading out on their grand adventure only feeling slightly embarrassed by having done so but totally excited nonetheless!

From then on whenever anyone asked why wearing sunscreen matters so much any one of them could answer confidently because each now understood how its powerful protection helps keep us safe from harmful UV rays! In turn making memories possible without worrying about long term damage from sun exposure–something Anna will forever thank herself for ordering everyone to do!.

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