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Majestic Aesthetics

A Discerning Eye With a Gentle Touch

Meet Laura Matjasich, Board-Certified Nurse Practitioner

Laura Matjasich is a board-certified nurse practitioner with over 14 years of experience in the medical field. She has an extensive background in ICU medicine and family/internal medicine.

As a front line, Code Blue Team nurse for over 9 years, the high stress toll of intense trauma was constant and real. So, when Laura first discovered the field of aesthetic medicine in 2011, she was instantly attracted to it for its positivity. The thought of being able to put a smile on someone’s face by helping them feel more confident and happier with their outward appearance gave her a very welcome new energy and purpose.

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Laura’s extensive aesthetic training took place at the prestigious National Institute of Medical Aesthetics in Salt lake City, Utah. Here, she trained with some of the top injectors in the country, and began practicing aesthetics in both Utah and Idaho shortly thereafter.

Very quickly into her practice, Laura uncovered a much deeper purpose and meaning for her work in this new, chosen field. Her pivotal moment came when she participated in a program to help recovering addicts get back on track with their lives. Through her work with the group, she discovered that when she was able to give a person back their self-image, they went on to make truly positive changes in their life. They got their diploma or GED. They got back into the workforce. They forged better relationships. They led more productive lives. They felt worthy. This newfound realization elevated “aesthetic work” to “wellness work” for Laura. She realized that by making people “feel better about themselves, they became empowered to “conquer their world” — however they defined it. Empowerment and positive change became the true “things of beauty” she sought for her patients.

As Laura has expanded her suite of services for the Twin Falls community, many of treatments she’s hand-selected bridge the disciplines of aesthetics, anti-aging, and overall wellness/well-being — including some of the very latest advancements in platelet rich plasma (PRP) therapy, sexual health and wellness, laser technology, and IV vitamin infusions. This well-rounded suite offers a true medical approach to aesthetics. When coupled with her deep nursing and medical background, she can provide patients with an action plan on how to feel good… not only from the “inside out,” but from the “outside in.”

Laura believes the best cosmetic treatments are the ones that are undetectable. She focuses on a natural and beautiful result as opposed to one that is “overdone” or fake looking. She purposefully takes a confident but conservative approach — so patients look refreshed and revitalized, but absolutely “themselves.” She is a masterful injector and is appreciated, not only for her skill level, but also for her ability to listen and understand what her patients want from their end-result.

Laura continues to “up” her skills through private training and continuing education/accreditation, in order to stay current with best practices and the very latest techniques. Laura was recently named as one of the most respected providers in the country by the Best Aesthetics Injectors in America National Directory.

Recently, Majestic Aesthetics ranked in the top 3 for Idaho’s Best of 2021.

Majestic Aesthetics is a private office, with Laura providing personalized care and one-on-one consultation to clients. Parking is located in the back of the building for privacy.

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Pain Relief

Pro-Nox Nitrous Oxide System for Pain and Anxiety Relief

A safe mixture of 50% Nitrous Oxide and 50% Oxygen, great for any painful aesthetic treatment. Sometimes called laughing gas, Pro-Nox is used by many aesthetic practices and clinics are incorporating Pro-Nox to help ease their patient’s pain and anxiety.

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