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The Only FDA-Approved Fat Removal Injectable Treatment for More Youthful Skin

Double chins are unsightly and hard to get rid of, even with vigorous diets and exercise. The treatments we offer of Kybella in Twin Falls, Idaho can get rid of double chins and give you a sculpted and smooth jawline.

As age takes a toll on our appearance, it’s common for fat to accumulate around the neck and chin area. Until recently, the only successful procedure to remove this fat was by invasive surgery. Today, there is a state-of-art, non-invasive procedure to get rid of this fat quickly and safely. Kybella is this treatment.

Kybella is the only FDA approved injectable treatment that successfully removes excess fat from around the chin and neck area. The active ingredient in Kybella – deoxycholic acid – is a substance that helps breakdown and absorb fat. The absorbed fat is then got rid of naturally by the body.

How Do Kybella Treatments Work?

Kybella is a permanent treatment for unsightly fat around the chin and neck area. The treatment is safe and there are no adverse side reactions from even multiple treatments. The body naturally gets rid of the excess fat cells, so the procedure is minimally invasive.

At Majestic Aesthetics, your treatment begins with a consultation done by Board-Certified Nurse Practitioner, Laura Matjasich. Laura will first understand your lifestyle and requirements before suggesting and creating a personalized Kybella treatment plan.

The plan will depend on:

  • The amount of fat in the targeted area
  • The number of areas the fat must be removed from
  • Your expectations from the treatment

The actual process will include cleaning and sterilizing the area thoroughly. A local anesthetic will be applied to ensure minimal to no discomfort during the procedure. The injections are gently administered just under the area of skin where the unwanted fat has accumulated. The process takes around 30 minutes from start to finish.

Before and After

before and after chin transformation

What You Can Expect After Treatment

As is natural with any other injection or injectable treatment, you can expect mild soreness immediately after a Kybella procedure. You might also experience some amount of swelling and heaviness around the area. This is natural, and your body’s way of reacting to the injection. This is no cause for concern, however, you might be advised to take a mild anti-inflammatory or pain medication to help reduce any pain and swelling. Laura Matjasich is a trained, certified, and well-experienced Nurse Practitioner so you can be sure that whatever pain medication is advised is gentle and minimal. You may be advised to avoid any form of exercise or strenuous activity for at least a day (24 hours) after the procedure.

How Many Treatments Will I Need?

As mentioned earlier, Kybella treatment plans are customized according to individual requirements. Your personalized plan will include the best treatment of Kybella Twin Falls, Idaho has to offer. It will depend on factors like the amount of fat present as well as your expectations from the procedure. You will be informed about how many treatments you will require during your initial consultation with Laura at Majestic Aesthetics.

Most people receive anywhere between 2 to 4 treatments. Each of these treatments is spaced around six weeks apart to get the optimal benefits.

Kybella Results

Kybella results are not instantaneous. But that is natural because it takes time for the medication to work and the fat cells to dissolve.

The first signs of improvement are noticeable around two weeks after your first Kybella treatment. You will continue seeing results after every treatment, but the optimal results will be noticed around six weeks after the final treatment.

By the end of that period, you will notice a drastic reduction and even complete disappearance of the fat from the chin area. Your double chin will have disappeared, and you will sport a sleeker, smoother, and more youthful jawline.

hand holding face of a girl

About Laura Matjasich, Board-Certified Nurse Practitioner

Laura Matjasich is a Board-Certified Nurse Practitioner. With over 13 years of experience in the medical field, you can rest assured that every treatment that she delivers is performed by adhering to strict compliance and protocols.

In addition to Kybella treatments, we offer non-invasive facial rejuvenation, body contouring, and a wide variety of other injectables and filler treatments from the comfort of our private office.

Rid Yourself of Unwanted Chin Fat With Customized Kybella Treatments at Majestic Aesthetics

If you would like to learn more about how Kybella can help you obtain that perfectly sculpted jawline, schedule a consultation with us today for Kybella in Twin Falls, Idaho. The treatment may or may not be the ideal solution for you. Your requirements might call for a different treatment. During your initial consultation, we will be able to discuss if Kybella treatment is right for you and what kind of results you can expect from the treatment.

You can rest easy that we will not ‘upsell’ a particular treatment to you if it is not needed. You will have peace of mind after your consultation and we will let you know the best course of action for you.

At Majestic Aesthetics, Laura provides a cosmetic facility for patients of all types to come in and receive the latest in cutting-edge aesthetic treatments. Please feel free to contact the office to find out more about what services are offered or to schedule a consultation.

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