Vitamin Infusions

Revitalize and Rejuvenate With a Vitamin Infusion

For your skin to be healthy, it needs to have the right types of vitamins. These vitamins enrich the skin, giving it the nutrients it needs to heal tissue damage, regenerate new skin, and retain its youthful and supple appearance and texture.

Often, ill health, age, or poor lifestyle choices can strip vitamins away from our bodies. This is where it becomes essential to replenish vitamins, so your skin will stay healthy and strong.

But, naturally consuming vitamins, through healthy foods and beverages, won’t lead to substantial results, since the amount of vitamins we can ingest this way is much less. This is where it becomes necessary to enrich the skin by manually infusing it with the essential vitamins it needs.

Majestic Aesthetics in Twin Falls specializes in IV Vitamin Infusions. These treatments are safe and effective, helping you get the vitamins you need to develop beautiful and healthy skin. Contact our practitioner, Laura Matjasich, for more information.

What Happens During Vitamin Infusion Treatment?

During a vitamin infusion procedure, we will use an IV to inject vitamins into your body. An IV is the preferred method of infusion since it ensures at least a 90% vitamin absorption rate compared to the 50% absorption rate of orally consumed vitamins.

Before the treatment, Laura will conduct a thorough health check to ensure you are eligible for the procedure. You will be asked to provide your medical history and details about your lifestyle. This information will help Laura choose the mix of vitamins and minerals that are perfect for your needs.

Next, the injection site is selected – usually from a closed vein system in the arm – and then the IV is injected. This treatment takes between 30 & 60 minutes to complete. Usually, a single session is enough to restore the rosiness and softness of your skin. But, Laura may recommend another session, if it’s required.

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Types of Vitamins We Infuse for Perfect Skin

IV vitamin infusion is available for a range of treatments:

  • Skin whitening
  • Skin brightening
  • Dark spot removal
  • Dullness removal
  • Skin detoxification & purification

Depending on the treatment you undergo, different vitamins are chosen. Usually, Vitamins B, C, calcium and magnesium are common. So is the antioxidant Glutathione. It reduces discoloration and pigmentation, while also brightening the skin.

Majestic Aesthetics provides vitamin infusions in a very sterile area and we use new needles and IV lines for each patient. This reduces the potential of infection and keeps you safe.

Candidates Who Are Eligible for Vitamin Infusions

The vitamin infusion treatment is perfect for anyone above the age of 18, provided they are healthy and are not diagnosed with any medical condition. Certain medical conditions may prevent you from infusing certain vitamins and minerals. The excess of that vitamin may cause health complications. It is best to seek Laura’s advice before scheduling a treatment. Laura Matjasich is a registered Idaho nurse with years of experience in ICU medicine and family medicine. She will be able to advise you on the best course of action.

The best part about the vitamin infusion treatment is that it addresses a whole host of conditions, apart from dermal care. Since you will be injecting essential vitamins and minerals, your immune system becomes stronger, and if there is any deficiency in the body, you will be able to address that as well.

Recovery & Results

The vitamin infusion treatment takes a few hours to show results. After the treatment, some patients feel a little light-headed because of the sudden infusion of vitamins. But this should pass in a few minutes. Drink plenty of water and eat a wholesome meal after receiving your infusion for best results.

Within 24 hours, your skin will feel softer, more elastic and will have a beautiful glow. Fine lines and wrinkles will also be reduced, as your skin is more taut. Your skin is also hydrated and will look healthy and youthful for much longer. Contact Majestic Aesthetics to schedule an appointment.