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Male Testosterone


What is Male Testosterone Therapy?

As men age, they may experience a decline in testosterone levels. This can lead to a number of symptoms, such as decreased energy and vitality, reduced muscle mass and strength, and changes in mood or sexual function. Testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) can help alleviate these symptoms.

Testosterone therapy can help men who have low testosterone levels. It can improve their sex drive, energy levels, and mood. Testosterone therapy can also help men build muscle and lose weight.

How does Testosterone Treatment Work?

Most men produce about forty to fifty milligrams of testosterone a day. By the time they reach their seventies, however, the amount of testosterone their bodies produce begins to decline. Low levels of testosterone can cause a number of health problems, including a decrease in muscle mass, an increase in body fat, and a decrease in bone density. Testosterone replacement therapy can help to restore levels of the hormone to those found in younger men, alleviating many of these symptoms. Testosterone therapy involves taking injections or supplements of the hormone on a regular basis. While the therapy can be effective, it also comes with some risks, including an increased risk of heart attack and stroke. It is important to discuss the benefits and risks of testosterone therapy with your doctor before deciding whether or not to undergo treatment.

Frequently Asked Questions

What can testosterone treatment do for me?

Testosterone therapy can improve muscle mass and strength, bone density, and sex drive in men. It may also help reduce the risk of obesity, heart disease, and diabetes.

Will testosterone treatment help my love life?

Testosterone therapy can help improve symptoms such as decreased sex drive, erectile dysfunction, low energy, and weight gain.

How much does testosterone treatment cost?

Testosterone therapy costs can vary but if you are curious schedule a consultation today! We also work with Cherry so you can get your treatments now and pay later.

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