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“Can double chins go away” – a commonly asked question amongst friends and to Google. Double chins (caused by submental fat) plague a lot of women and our genetics play a huge part in whether or not we have a double chin (as well as how much fat our chins store). Double chins are often associated with weight gain but many people who have not gained weight or are not overweight often have a double chin. As you age, you may start to see more of a double chin as well.

Making healthy choices like drinking enough water, sleeping enough and watching your sodium intake are all great things that will help your body, but it may not fully get rid a double chin. We highly encourage making healthy choices and taking care of your body well and we are so excited to now offer our clients liposuction for a double chin via BeautiFill.

Submental liposuction (liposuction for the double chin) is the absolute easiest place of the entire body to treat with liposuction. This treatment removed fatty deposits from your neck and chin area. Via BeautiFill, that fat can be transferred elsewhere on the body if you’d like (hello booty or breast enhancement!) or disposed of. Liposuction of the chin and or neck area will eliminate that fat causing a double chin, help define a weak jawline, tightens the skin of the neck and can help restore a youthful appearance (for those that it is important to).

Here are some questions I get asked a lot regarding liposuction for double chins:

1.     Should I do chin lipo?
If you’re looking to change the appearance of your chin and neck due to a double chin, then yes, you probably are a good candidate. You need to be in good health and have great elasticity in your skin. Depending on your age or if you have lost an extreme amount of weight, there may be other options that would be more effective than facial liposuction.

2.     Is fat removal permanent?
It absolutely is!!! When receiving a treatment of facial liposuction, the fat cells that are removed are permanently gone. If your weight remains the same, the fat will not grow back.

3.     Is liposuction to get rid of a double chin worth it?
That’s up to you! Facial liposuction will change and enhance your face and that may be just the thing you want and need!!!

4.     How long is the recovery for facial liposuction?
Recovery time for liposuction is outpatient and thus, recovery is really quick! Within the first 24 hours you need to rest! Beyond that, you’ll likely have some bruising and swelling for two weeks or so (using a compression neck wrap will help reduce the swelling!). You’ll also use an ointment to cover the tiny incisions made during the procedure.
You’ll want to keep your head elevated when sleeping and if you have more pain than you can tolerate, cold packs will help reduce the pain and the swelling too! Be sure to avoid any strenuous activity for a minimum of two weeks!

5.    Will you do the procedure if I have already had lipo done to my chin area?
No, here at Majestic Aesthetics, we will not do a liposuction procedure on an area that has already received liposuction.

Facial liposuction is a safe, effective procedure that has been changing lives for decades. Clients love that there is minimal pain and no anesthesia involved. Make sure that you time your procedure well (don’t do it close to family pictures or a wedding or a girl’s trip). Remember that you’ll be wearing a head wrap compression for two weeks.

If you’re interested in facial liposuction, click here to schedule a consult at our Twin Falls, Idaho location or our Salt Lake City, Utah location!

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