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Facial rejuvenation (some refer to it as “skin rejuvenation”) is when cosmetic treatments are used to refresh the skin and bring about a more youthful appearance. As you age, your skin starts to show the effects of your life. You may still have scars or discoloration from puberty, or perhaps you have sunspots from spending time soaking up those rays of sunshine we all crave. Maybe you have a furrowed brow from stress or laugh lines from having friends that make you laugh at any moment. Facial rejuvenation can be done surgically or non-surgically/non-invasively. There are various treatment types depending on the result you want for your skin. ClearLift Laser Treatment focuses on skin rejuvenation by targeting pigmentation spots, wrinkles, and loose skin. It is highly effective for removing tattoos. Here at our medical spa, we use Alma’s award-winning ClearLift Applicator, the market’s most comprehensive treatment solution available thanks to its non-ablative laser.

ClearLift is sought after worldwide because the laser treatment is fast, effective, leaves minimal redness, and requires no downtime to rest and recover. Treatments are comfortable and quick with no numbing required, making ClearLift a favorite for those seeking results but with minimal time and effort put forth. The laser treatment from ClearLift does not harm the epidermis during any of the 3-5 treatments (occasionally, one treatment is enough to see a noticeable change). The skin continues to improve after each treatment (done 2-4 weeks apart), and optimal (and lasting) results are evident within six months of the first ClearLift treatment.

We see continued success for our clients who choose ClearLift to improve their crow’s feet, wrinkles around the face and neck, and loose skin on the face, neck, or chest area, as ClearLift is gentle enough to be used in delicate areas. ClearLift is also incredibly effective at treating small veins and redness caused by vascularity (highly visible or prominent veins). Clients have also reported loving the shrinking of their pores and visible reduction of acne scarring thanks to the collagen-producing effects of a ClearLift treatment. We regularly see clients who choose ClearLift for tattoo removal because of how the laser breaks up pigmentation and broken capillaries, bursting it into tiny pieces for the body to process.

Although other treatment options are available, the non-ablativeness of ClearLift is why we love it! Ablative treatments can take longer and are almost always way more painful. Ablative treatments require a recovery period, whereas ClearLift doesn’t. Ablative laser treatments can leave patients with lingering redness that lasts up to two weeks (and no one wants redness, especially when it’s totally preventable). It isn’t typical, but ClearLift treatments can leave clients with some inflammation and, even more rare, peeling on the top layer of skin. As always, your consultation will allow any questions you may have to be answered in detail before your ClearLift treatment.

Your investment in your skin is not something we take lightly. Each person has a unique skin type as well as their personal desire for what they want their skin to look like. If you are interested in a ClearLift treatment, click here to schedule a consultation.

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