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Snowy winters are absolutely beautiful but can be brutal on the skin. Investing in year-round skincare is something you already know is of great value and benefit. Protecting your hands and the skin of your face (hello, chapped lip season) is a whole new situation when you factor in the elements of winter. The dry cold air, the wind, the glare of the snow, our job is to be preventative and proactive in our skincare, rather than waiting to react and recover from dry, chapped, painful skin.

The cold air of winter really dries out our skin whether we are indoors or outdoors. The wind, sun, and cold temperatures deplete our skin of its natural moisture. The odds are low that you’ll get frostbite, but the odds are high that you’ll be spending hours and hours indoors with dry, hot air being pumped into the air. Winter winds and freezing temperatures combined with dry indoor heat can make skin horribly dry. Some people experience dryness to the point their skin even cracks. Please keep reading to hear what we recommend (products and lifestyle choices).

Elta MD Skincare is a great place to start when it comes to year-round skincare. With a variety of products, our staff can help you know the right fit for you. We all know that skin types vary; we may not know what’s best for our specific skin types. If you are highly active and outdoors a lot, you’ll want to ensure that both your skincare and your chapstick are high in SPF. You also may need skincare that is waterproof. Letting our team help find the right fit for your skin is of huge importance. Certain ingredients could work against your skin in the winter months so it’s best to know exactly which products are the right ones for you!

Beyond skincare, there are things you can do to help keep your skin healthy and protected during the winter months. Our skins growth cycle is an average of about four weeks. Scheduling a facial will be something you won’t regret. With various options depending on what you want and what your skin needs, a facial tailored to you is a great choice. Being aware of your skin’s needs year-round will help you to have great skin in the winter. If you aren’t sure of what your skin truly needs, that’s all the more reason to treat yourself to a facial this season.

As mentioned above, skincare and chapstick with SPF are imperative. There are fewer UVB rays in the winter, but UVA rays are still in excess. (UVA rays are the rays that age us.) Knowing that you have the added protection of SPF for your skin and lips means less work combating the aging and dryness that happens in the cold months of winter.

Hydration is key to healthy winter skin too. You may notice that your skin is more sensitive in the winter, which is a direct result of the dryness of colder (sometimes windier) weather and central heating. Increase your water intake and drink the occasional glass of green tea, which is full of great antioxidants. Licking your lips or failing to use the right, hydration-dense skincare, will only cause more pain, discoloration, and frustration.

The best thing for your skin in the winter (and year-round) is hydration and high-quality products. We can help with both. Click here to schedule a consultation or book an appointment to let us help you love the skin you’re in!

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