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Majestic AestheticsWhen lightning strikes, it leaves a mark. Some would say it leaves a scar; others crave it and hope to see some part of their life made magic by the touch of a god.

The thing is, we’re all kind of looking for lightning to strike somewhere near us, turning our lives to gold in an instant without burning us to a crisp in the process.

We want it to hit in all the right ways: infusing our careers with promise, blessing our love lives, showering our futures with rainbows. But there’s just no way to predict it or control it. When it happens, like so many other things in nature, it just is.

Laura Matjasich is one of those people who has found a beautiful confluence of passion, career-training, and purpose that strongly resembles a lightning strike.

As a nurse practitioner, she began her career working in ICU medicine and family/internal medicine. Back then, if you’d asked her, she’d have probably told you that was her calling. And very likely it was, for that time in her life.

But a journey begins with a single step, as they say, and seeing where Laura is now, it’s clear that she was being prepared back then to land exactly where she is today.

Empowering Clients to Become Their Best Selves

For nine years, Laura worked in the stressful conditions as a front line, Code Blue Team nurse. It took a toll, and though she was helping people, she sought another way to do that.

Laura first discovered aesthetic medicine in 2011. Rather than the intensity of trauma and the battle between life and death, this field offered the chance to focus on the positive while also helping people.

Eventually, Laura fully embraced the chance to study and work in the field of medical aesthetics.

In this branch of medicine she found that she could offer people the self-image they’d lost to aging, addictions, or other trials along their life journeys. By returning to someone the self-image they’d lost, she also helped them recover their life.

It was as empowering for Laura as it was for her clients.


Find Your Truth, Discover Your Calling

What’s so great about Laura’s story is how in finding something that gave her meaning and used her training and skills, her business has taken off.

Anyone who has been called “an overnight success” knows how deceptive that kind of success is. Those words omit the blood, sweat, and tears. They gloss over the sleepless nights, the struggle over making decisions, the taxing trials of time and effort.

And yet … if you talk to Laura about her path, it’s very clear that her success picked up speed because she was following her passion. She’d found her truth, and she went with it.

For several years she was a one-woman show. She practiced her med spa out of a small room she rented from a chiropractor. Word-of-mouth traveled quickly, spreading until that small room wasn’t big enough to handle the client load.

Majestic Aesthetics & WellnessIn 2020, Laura realized she needed a bigger space. And while she was at it, maybe it was time to rebrand. That was when she adopted her company name Majestic Aesthetics and Wellness.

In 2021, she got so busy she had to hire employees to help out. And today, she has a full staff consisting of nine employees. Her reviews reflect just how much her clients love and appreciate her.

It really is about having a light touch and a certain sensitivity when delivering what her clients seek. That takes listening and a level of awareness not all med spas can offer.

“My goal isn’t to make [someone] look like a celebrity, but to help a person feel better about themselves. Everything I do is to help people’s self-confidence. It’s not about being vain or looking like a Kardashian.”
What Laura does is wellness work, rather than simply aesthetic work, and her values are very clear. In addition to how she helps clients on an individual, physical level, she’s also supporting the local community of Twin Falls through education and service. Where once she did global humanitarian work, she has since turned her sights to humanitarian service on a local level.

Laura strives to empower people to feel better about themselves, to take ownership of their sexual health, and to rediscover qualities about themselves that have been lost to time. The strongest evidence that what she’s doing is working is just how quickly Majestic Aesthetics and Wellness has grown.

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