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Medical grade skin care is of great benefit to women of all ages. Many people don’t know that you can, in fact, use a Health Savings Account to pay for skin care that doesn’t just improve your skin, but helps fix its issues, giving you the look you want. Skincare is a multi-billion-dollar industry in the United States. Skincare can be bought off the shelf in an array of stores – from grocery stores to high end department stores access to products meant to help are skin are everywhere. Products boast that they are “organic” or “all natural” which leads consumers to believe that not only will the product work, but it will work well. I’d bet, though, that what you’ve bought from the Target shelves haven’t given you the result you have wanted.

You need (and deserve) medical grade skincare! Medical grade skincare has the appropriate amount of active ingredients in it to treat the skin issues you aren’t happy about. Even if you see something on a store shelf that says it is “clinical strength” it likely is not going to be strong enough to make the difference you want and need. The reason it won’t is because anything sold without a supervising medical professional cannot exceed a very small amount of active ingredients in it.

Investing in medical grade skin care is of great benefit to you for a variety of reasons.
First up, medical grade skin care is subject to FDA approval and regulation. What you can buy straight off the shelf is often self-regulated by the cosmetic industry. Medical grade skincare is a part of multiple studies before hitting the market.

Medical grade skin care comes with a professional recommendation before you make a purchase. Here at Majestic Aesthetics and Wellness, that means you’ll have a free consultation before a skin care purchase with the option of booking a facial with Master Esthetician, Jacobi, who will not only leaving your face feeling fresh and gorgeous, but can also guide you to the right medical grade skincare for your skin type and needs. You won’t have to guess or do a google search to know what’s best for you and your skin, you’ll have a professional guide you to the right products.

When you invest in medical grade skin care (and yes, remember that you can use your Health Savings Account to pay for it), you are protecting your skin and slowing down the aging process. Using the correct products for your skin also can add a layer of protection against more complicated issues in the future. Being proactive with medical grade skincare for your acne, dryness, rosacea, sunspots, and other conditions is beneficial because it will be far less likely that you would need to pay for a pricier treatment for skin issues that evolved as a result of not being proactive in the care of your skin.

You may think that your more affordable drugstore (or even department store) products are doing a fine job. They may be keeping the visible symptoms at bay but since they only have a fraction of the needed ingredients to improve and bring health to your skin, your skin is only a fraction as healthy (and protected) as it can be. Medical grade skin products have been created to work, and in small amounts. It’s probable that you’ll save money by using the medical grade product, in the appropriate and small amount which lasts far longer than going through the cosmetic grade much faster.

Spending untaxed dollars on medical grade skincare is worth it. I bet there are a lot of people who have hundreds of dollars in cosmetic grade skin care and sunscreens that hasn’t been consistently used because it didn’t work, it didn’t feel good on their skin or was a “whim” purchase.
Especially because you can use your HSA for medical grade skincare, there is no reason to not schedule your free consult now to be one step closer to loving your skin!

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