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A professional-strength Booster that promotes stress resilience
for those with excess stress and shedding. Contains a blend of standardized stress adaptogens and phyto-actives that address stress as a root cause of hair thinning by balancing cortisol and modulating immune reactivity known to compromise the hair follicle.

Formulated as a daily complement to Nutrafol hair growth nutraceuticals for extra stress support.


Stress Adaptogen MD was developed with four standardized stress adaptogens that holistically support the normal function of the HPA axis by targeting upstream, midstream, and downstream components of the HPA feedback loop as it relates to hair.

Balances stress hormones – Contains stress adaptogens shown to tone the HPA axis, balance cortisol hormones, and improve mental fatigue and general well-being.

Builds stress resilience – Features phyto-actives known to help the body recover from stress faster and build adaptation.

Immune system modulation – Stress adaptogens are known to support the immune system when triggered by stress.


To be taken with Nutrafol hair growth nutraceuticals to support adult patients experiencing excessive shedding and thinning. Patients may experience these symptoms as a result of chronic stress, a recent stressful event, or those looking to manage ongoing stress.

Special Features

  • Formulated for physicians: The first professional-strength stress adaptogen formulation created specifically to address excess stress as a root cause of hair thinning and excess shedding.
  • Medical grade: Stress adaptogens are standardized for reliable results.
  • Promotes whole-body health: Ingredients that are known to support the body’s stress response and improve mood, focus, sleep, and overall well-being.
  • Effective and pure: Free of gluten, soy, preservatives, binders, artificial additives, and hormones.


The Science:

Recent research suggests that thinning hair is multifactorial and that stress is a significant root cause, resulting in a premature shift in the hair growth cycle, diffuse thinning, and excess shedding. Hair follicles possess their own fully functional HPA axis within the dermis making them targets of stress hormones and immune reactions during peripheral stress responses.


The effects of stress that impact hair follicles locally:

Stress causes the release of cortisol which induces catagen and follicle regression.

Increased stress-induced corticotropin-releasing hormone (CRH) binds to the follicle inducing further production of local stress hormones and hair growth arrest.

Substance P is also released from local nerve endings. This stress-associated neuropeptide modulates inflammation in the skin and collapses the follicle immune privilege under stress, leaving the follicle vulnerable to attack.

Key Ingredients Sensoril® Ashwagandha

Clinically shown to lower elevated cortisol, a known regulator of the hair growth cycle, in chronically stressed adults. Dose-dependent increase in Sensoril Ashwagandha provides added stress-relieving benefits when combined with Nutrafol hair growth nutraceuticals.


Clinically shown to improve feelings of stress including mental fatigue and general well-being.

Holy Basil & Bacopa

Support the immune system when triggered by stress as it relates to hair.


Pair with Nutrafol clinically effective hair growth nutraceuticals for an optimized, multi-targeted approach to hair thinning when stress is a major trigger.


Take two capsules of Stress Adaptogen MD once daily with or without food.


For adults only. If you are pregnant, nursing, or taking any medication or have a medical condition, please consult your healthcare provider before taking any dietary supplement. Keep out of reach of children. Do not use if the safety seal is damaged or missing.

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