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Rollers, Pens, & PRP

I had decided to use 3 mm length needles in my first rollers and when I took films of the needles going into the skin and how they came out, I realized that these needles do not cut the skin. The needle goes in at an angle and as the roller is moved the needle goes in deeper. This is clearly shown in the histology of the holes which are always curved in the epidermal area and then become straight clefts. As the roller moves even more forward the needle starts to retract along the vertical cleft and just before it exits the skin, the needle pushes up the skin, which is not being held flat and because the skin is elastic, it stretches upwards and then the needle exist the skin without slitting the epidermis. The epidermis between the needle holes is absolutely intact. People see that film and are horrified and they think that it’s evidence of slitting. When one looks with a strong magnification, one can see the holes are simply round, maybe slightly oval but that is all. I have never seen a slit. One also has to remember that at the same time a nearby stretch of skin is also being simultaneously punctured and between them, more or less as the needle exits from the first needles, the next row of needles starts penetrating. I believe that this results in some stability of the skin and so as the needle rotates from entrance to exit, there is a bit of slitting in the dermis. That means that more blood vessels are punctured with only one needle hole. Hopefully that translates to little bruises under the skin because more blood remains in the dermis where the platelets then start their work. I have always believed that blood that comes out of the skin is wasted because the platelets on the surface are going to do nothing. Always inject PRP.

I believe that because of the resistance of skin to pricking, when one uses a roller the needle will “slide” into an adjacent hole rather than make another hole immediately next to the first hole. I and Matthias have tried to “over- needle” but one gets to the point where one realizes that one is not making more holes. It’s virtually impossible to over needle. Unfortunately mechanical pen devices permit over-needling very easily.

BY the way, I only theorized about placing the needles at angles. Think about it… If the needle is not straight then one has an unfavorable angle either as the needle approaches the skin or as the needle leaves it. The 90 degree angle is the best. They definitely don’t cause any scarring. Sometimes I listen to the claims people make and wonder where they get their stories. I have tried to understand needling as thoroughly as I can and done as many studies as I can in my relatively primitive circumstances. The histology confirms no cutting. We have to remember that the needles only have sharpened tips. They are not blades or knives. I think very largely they only divide cells away from each other rather than cut through the cells.  Learn more about PRP here.

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