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Could advanced chemistry be the secret to a flawless complexion? This pioneering brand provides a science-based solution to your skincare woes.

Skinbetter Science is a revolutionary new brand that draws on deep scientific knowledge to craft state-of-the-art skincare. Developed by a diverse team of clinical experts, each product is the result of rigorous dermatological study and leveraging advanced understanding to achieve unimaginable results.

Here we take a look at three major differences between Skinbetter Science and its traditional counterparts to see why this trailblazing brand is taking the world by storm.

Created With Unique Chemistry and Innovation

If complex chemistry is used to cure illness and disease – why not your complexion too?

Typical skincare products are developed using tried and tested methods to target generic issues. On the other hand, Skinbetter Science draws on the expertise of leaders in the field to continually undertake new skin studies and research new technologies.

This means each product is developed purposefully through deep dermatological study to discover a powerhouse of ingredients and the most potent processes.

Prescribed by Authorized Medical Professionals

With so many different products on the market today, choosing the perfect one for your skin is an impossible task. Without the help of a professional, you can spend an incredible amount of time and money testing different treatments to see which one works best for you.

What’s more, even when you think you’ve found the perfect product, implementing it into your (already complex) routine can wreak new havoc altogether. It can take weeks or even months to find out if the new product has had the desired effect.

Skinbetter Science offers a refreshing, more personalized approach. Instead of heading to the drug store to select products, you’ll register with a Skinbetter Science authorized medical professional. As experts in both skin science and the Skinbetter product range, they can analyze your unique issues, go over your complexion goals, and ultimately recommend the most effective treatment for you.

Not only is this a much more knowledgable way to approach skincare but it also offers an individualized experience, where you can develop a genuine relationship with your medical professional to achieve incredibly targeted results.

Powerful Products for Speed and Ease

These days, the average skincare routine is a meticulous multi-step routine, featuring many different products and brands. A precarious balance, this process can easily be upset by the slightest change in habit or environment.

To streamline your routine, Skinbetter Science provides products that are powerful enough to stand alone. From the Skinbetter Clearing Serum, an effectual clarifying formula, to the SMART Sunscreen, which adapts to suit your skin tone, each product is designed to offer comprehensive improvements in the appearance of your complexion when used on its own.

Where to Buy Skinbetter Science

Ready to supercharge your skincare routine with a little help from science? Based in Twin Falls, Idaho, Majestic Aesthetics offers access to a Skinbetter Science-authorized medical professional to help you discover the most effective treatment for your unique complexion concerns. Simply book an appointment today to get started!


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