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Medical Spas are experience a huge influx of interest in a treatment called threading. In fact, one of the highest-ranking phrases searched when it comes to medical spa procedures is “threading near me”. Scott Callahan, PA-C, and pioneer in threading is sought after both for the treatment as well as to train doctors and nurse practitioners in the medical spa field.

As stated earlier, threading is becoming more and more popular. A thread is a type of face lift that uses barbed threads. It is a minimally invasive and yet very effective way to lift sagging skin off various parts of the face. It softly tightens and smooths the skin, giving clients and natural and youthful look. Barbed threads, (often referred to as “COG threads”) give allowance for a powerful lift with near instant improvement in facial tightening and rejuvenation. Four barbs strategically placed 360 degrees around the thread act as cogs to clasp the skin creating tension in the thread which lifts and suspends the area of the face a patient wants enhanced. Collagen is formed around the threads and their barbs which cause an increased lifting effect. Monofilament threads, ‘Smooth’ threads are completely smooth, hair-like threads, without barbs that are placed superficially under the skin. They produce a regenerative and firming effect that visibly improves skin quality.

Barbed (cog) threads create a lifting or tightening around the eyes or eyebrows, cheekbones and can even help the breast or knee where skin is sagging.

The most common areas people chose to have threaded are the eyebrows, the jowls, the cheek, and the neck. It is also effective to treat forehead lines, bunny lines, brown droop, smile lines, frown lines, lip lines, crow’s feet, marionette lines, and acne scars.

Clients love that threading is a quicker procedure with a shorter recovery time. The ideal candidate for a threading procedure is between the age of 30 and 60, with a decent to good skin tone. The timing of the skin just beginning to sag but is yet not extremely droopy or sagging is key to a successful threading procedure. Some clients who have very minimal signs of aging often chose to have a threading procedure because it enhances their features without scarring or side effects that can come with a traditional face lift.

The procedure of threading itself takes between an hour to two, depending on the area of the face a patient wants threaded. At Majestic Aesthetics Medical Spa, a comprehensive consultation is mandatory for patients desiring to invest in threading. Owner and nurse practitioner, Laura Matjaisch trained with Scott Callahan at Dolce Vida Medical Spa in Connecticut, giving her an advantage that many others who provide the procedure don’t have. Patients/clients tend to experience mild to moderate bruising for an average of 10 days after the treatment. Consistent application of ice (be gentle!) will help to reduce both swelling and bruising.  Thread lifts last on an average of nine to twelve months. The amount of time the youthful look of a post threading face is completely depending on the body’s ability to process and eliminate the absorbable sutures. Although rare, some clients have seen their treading procedure last more than a year.

Majestic Aesthetics and Wellness is proud to offer this life changing treatment for clients in Idaho and those who travel here to have Laura Matjaisch as the one to do their procedure. For a consultation appointment, please click here to get in touch!

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