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Year-round skin care and protection is something we should all be investing in. It isn’t just the hot summer days that affect our skin by drying it out or aging us. The winter months are just as important for us to be investing in our skin. Whether it be the sun or the frigid air, skin care in the winter is absolutely essential.

If you are wondering what you should apply to your face in the winter, look no further than Elta MD Skincare. As you know, we only source the best of the best products for our clients. Healthy skin leads to happy skin and happy clients (our favorite kind).

Caring for your skin in the winter can seem like it’s more work but when you have the right skin care, your efforts shouldn’t increase at all in the winter months. Sure, the moisture is being stolen in various ways- dry heat indoors, cool air on windy days and the sun reflecting off of snow, but there are things you can do to keep your skin healthy. Dry, cracked, itchy skin is no one’s friend.

Things you can do to help keep moisture in your skin are things like investing in high-quality skin care (like ELTA MD), moisturizing your skin after hot showers, increasing your water intake and, most importantly, don’t forget sunscreen. When you choose your sunscreen, you must choose one with a high SPF, just like you do in the summer. Elta MD  also has a fantastic SPF chapstick for winter. Skiers, snowshoers, and all other outdoor activists love their chapstick.  Winter skin is also much more dull than one may expect so it is also of great benefit to schedule a facial every four weeks in the winter. Getting a peel or exfoliating treatment in that consistent time frame aligns perfectly with the average length of a full skin growth cycle. Investing in quality skin care (that includes a daily SPF sunscreen) and monthly facials is something that you (and your skin) will not regret.

Taking care of your skin in the winter isn’t something that should be difficult or overwhelming. The hyperlinks included in this essay are meant to inform you and provide you with the option of forward movement towards loving the skin that you are in. Our team here at Majestic Aesthetics and Wellness is passionate about providing the right practical skills, products and treatment opportunities for your skin to be as healthy as possible during the winter months.

Preventing dry or unhealthy skin in the winter is done by proactively taking care of your skin all year round. When a good routine is established, it won’t matter the season, you’ll always be prepared with what your skin needs. Click here to schedule your consultation upon which one of our aesthetic experts will pair you with the right Elta MD product for your skin type and activity level (did you know that you may be best off with waterproof sunscreen in the winter?!). If you’d rather call than schedule an appointment online, call 208-886-0774 today.

Let’s get you loving your skin!

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