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How Botox Armpit Shots Can Save Your Summer

Summer is arriving in full force and the temperature is already rising. With plenty of cities around the U.S. skyrocketing to 90 degrees—and higher—it isn’t surprising that a lot of us are dealing with underarm sweating. While sweating can be helpful in some cases, most of us would prefer to keep it in line to avoid the discomfort. If you have been looking for the best way to stop armpit sweat, Botox might have the solution. In this article, we will explore how this shot works and what it can do for you.

Do I Need to Treat Armpit Sweat?

Excessive sweating is a deeply unpleasant experience for most people. It can lead to body odors, cause chafing, and even stain clothing. With temperatures soaring, it is becoming a bigger problem than normal for a lot of us. You might love the summer sun, but you probably don’t like the excessive armpit sweat that comes with it. Treating armpit sweat can help you to stay comfortable and clean while protecting your clothes.

Sweating is perfectly natural, but when it reaches an excessive point, it becomes a problem. There are various reasons why someone might suffer from excessive armpit sweat. Some of them are medical and linked to underlying conditions or medication use. Of course, not every person with excessive sweating has a medical condition. Sometimes, it is a byproduct of the environment. Exposure to high heat on a summer day can also kickstart it, and that can lead to some embarrassing outcomes. While you might not need to treat it, there are plenty of reasons why you should.

The Best Ways to Stop Armpit Sweat

Armpit sweat is as unpleasant as it is unsightly, which leaves most people looking for ways to keep it in check. There are plenty of different treatment options that offer varying levels of effectiveness. Some people opt for specialty deodorants with strong antiperspirants. Others rely on pills or prescription products that can help to slow excessive sweating in its tracks. Now, there is a growing interest in armpit shots, which can offer long-lasting results after a single injection. More people are turning to this option everyday to take control of their sweating and keep their armpits dry.

What is the Botox Armpit Shot?

Botox is a common medical treatment that has been used for various benefits throughout the years. It can improve the skin’s appearance, help with migraines, and even stop excessive sweating. Using Botox shots in summer is becoming more popular as people strive to keep their armpits dry despite the summer heat.

The Botox injection itself is created from a neurotoxin that is made by the microbes that are responsible for botulism. While that might sound a little intimidating, it is actually a medical and cosmetic tool that has shown various benefits for plenty of people throughout the years. In more recent years, Botox injections have been used to treat hyperhidrosis—which is the medical term for excessive sweating—with great results.

How Does it Work?

To serve this purpose, the shot is administered directly to the armpit of the individual. When the shot is given, it actively blocks the chemical that is responsible for excessive underarm sweating. By doing this, the body no longer receives the signal that causes excessive sweating. Though you will still sweat, current reports show that most people see an over 80% reduction in overall sweat production.

When you receive this shot, you can expect results within a couple of days. Though everybody is different, the results kick in fairly quickly, which is an obvious selling point. Within a couple of weeks, the Botox shot will be fully effective and your armpit sweat will be under control.

How Long Does it Last?

When most people think of cosmetic treatments, they think of temporary results. While the Botox shot is not permanent, it does last quite a bit longer than you might expect. This shot has a surprisingly long duration for most of the people that use it. Though it might only last a few months for some, others receive benefits for up to a year or more. It is an investment that will need to be made on an ongoing basis, but the duration that it lasts certainly makes it a cost-effective and long-lasting treatment.

Is it Safe?

Botox armpit shots are a relatively new addition to Botox’s long list of uses, but it comes with the same expectations that would come with any Botox shot. Currently, this shot has been FDA-approved for use on the armpits specifically and has provided great results. While it has not yet been FDA-approved for sweating in other areas, many doctors use it in other places and trust the process. No cosmetic procedure is guaranteed to be safe, but this is one chemical that has been around for a fairly long time in our medical history. Though you should always consult a medical professional, realistically this is an option that is safe and effective for the majority of people.

How Medical Spas Can Help You to Combat Armpit Sweat

Medical spas are known for their unique ability to bring convenience, health, and beauty together. Now, you can visit your local medical spa to help reduce sweating and bring more comfort to the summer season. Visiting a medical spa is a great way to get top-notch treatments and the shot that you need to have a better summer, free or all that pesky armpit sweat. For years, medical spas have used Botox to benefit their clients—and they are all ready to help you feel confident about keeping your shirts dry this summer!


Armpit sweat is no joke, and most of us could benefit from less of it. If you have been looking for a simple and effective way to reduce the excessive sweating that is ruining your summer, the armpit shot is offering great results for people all around the United States and beyond. A simple shot can offer a localized and long-lasting treatment that will keep your armpits dry, even when you’re tanning poolside or heading out to hike your next fourteener. If you’re curious whether or not this option is the right fit for you, feel free to contact us for a consultation!

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