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 Our first annual Galentine’s Event was a huge success! It was incredible to have local sex therapist Shannon Kerrick of The Bridge Counseling as our speaker and panel host. Shannon has been working in mental health for over 13 years and will be amongst the first therapists in Twin Falls. Shannon did an incredible job of teaching our attendees about what sex therapy is, how it can help, and some of the demographics she has helped regarding sex and therapy. 

Sex therapy is for individuals and couples who struggle with sexual satisfaction, sexual trauma, sexual pleasure, and so on. People from all walks of life can struggle in their sex life, whether it be low libido, pain during sex, inability to climax, partner communications, pain during sex, and more. First and foremost, Shannon was adamant and clear to remind all of us that sex should not be painful. If sex is painful for you, it’s time to contact your health provider to explore options to help your sex be pleasurable and not painful. Shannon also shared about the biopsychosocial model and how our biological, psychological, and social factors affect our sex lives. Biologically things to think about and consider would be medications (some medications lower libidos), aging, circulatory problems, or the need for a pelvic floor physical therapist. Psychologically trauma, depression, and anxiety can affect sexual experiences for people. And from a social perspective, Shannon asked us what do our relationships look like? Do we feel safe? What has our upbringing, religion, or culture taught us about sex? 

Statistics show that the more people talk about sex, the more sex they have and the better their sex is. Our sex lives are highly impacted by our exciters (what turns us on) and our inhibitors (what turns us off). Each person’s exciters and inhibitors are unique to them. Our exciters and inhibitors can change due to the influences of like relationship problems, stress, feelings of safety, feelings of pleasure, etc. Shannon shared that not only are each person’s exciters and inhibitors unique, but so are their experiences, bodies, and thought processes. Shannon also reminded us that we are normal. 

Some of the questions that were asked throughout the night were: 

 Is it normal for me to desire sex and have a higher sex drive than my male partner?  

The answer is “absolutely, yes.” It is very normal for women to have high sex drives. It’s also very normal to have a lower or different sex drive than your partner. 

What do I do if sex is painful? 

If sex is painful, contact your healthcare provider to explore medical care options to help improve your sex. 

What services can Majestic Aesthetics and Wellness help with regarding my sex life?

Not one but TWO women were so generous to share that the O Shot has completely changed their sex lives. The O Shot is a PRP sexual wellness treatment for women is the name given to a non-surgical treatment that can increase sexual arousal in women by rejuvenating the vaginal area. The effects of this treatment are stronger and more intense orgasms, enhanced natural lubrication, and improved arousal during sexual activities. The treatment can also be used in addressing difficulties with urinary incontinence. One woman who shared is in her early 50’s and is still experiencing heightened pleasure in her sex life more than five months beyond her O Shot. Another was in her early 30’s and is three months from receiving her O Shot and raved about the difference it made in her pleasure levels during sex. Here’s what she had to say “The single thing that has made the biggest *immediate* impact on my sex life is getting the O shot. It was mind-blowing! I can’t believe such a fast and mostly painless procedure can make such a fantastic improvement…. now I’m asking for sex more than my spouse! He might just love the O shot more than I do. It’s a win-win for the relationship!”

After my O Shot wears off, will sex feel like it did before the O Shot? 

Yes, when the O Shot wears off (which is a different amount of time for each person), sex will go back to the pleasurable baseline of before. However, it won’t be any lower than it was before. 

Can people with an autoimmune condition receive an O Shot? 

Yes, because PRP is used, those with an autoimmune condition can not only receive the O Shot, but have just as successful of increased pleasure from it as those who don’t have an autoimmune disease. 

Will Vaginal Rejuvenation help my sex life? 

Yes! Click the link above to see all the ways that vaginal rejuvenation can help your overall health as well as your sex life! 

Is there shame in knowing what I prefer sexually and wanting to communicate that to my partner? 

No! There should absolutely be no shame at all in knowing your body and what you desire sexually. Knowing yourself helps improve your sex life and strengthens your bond with your partner. Sex is meant to be satisfying and full of pleasure. If it isn’t, give yourself permission to explore what you love. 

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