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A bright, white smile is something everyone notices about someone else. Over time, the things we eat and drink cause our teeth to be stained, dull and even discolored. Teeth whitening is a great way to reverse the discoloration and brighten your smile. Most people want a memorable smile and seek out different ways to obtain it. It can be overwhelming to know what the best way to get the white teeth you want. From toothpaste to mouthwash, at home whitening trays to in your dental office bleaching to the non-bleach, highly effective treatment offered at Majestic Wellness and Aesthetics, the options abound.

You can turn to Google, read reviews, ask friends, and so on. This piece is intended to help give clarity as to why hiring professionals for your teeth whitening is the most effective and safest option to obtain the white smile you desire. While some people see decent results and gradual change in the whiteness of their teeth with at-home products, the advantageous far surpass the risk and time it takes to see results when using a professional Medical Spa.

Science shows us that, as a general rule, keeping a strong solution of peroxide on your teeth makes them whiter. The higher the percentage of whitening solution means that you can shorten the amount of time for strong, good results. What you may not know though is that if you keep at-home tooth whitening gel on your teeth for too long, it dehydrates your teeth. Dehydrating your teeth leads to more sensitivity and sensitivity leads to pain. Pain is usually the first indicator of dental issues to come. At home whitening products can also lead to sensitivity when eating certain foods. It’s also highly likely that at home treatments can be misused in other ways which is yet another reason that it’s wise to hire professionals to give you a bright white smile. If you feel tempted to whiten your teeth at home, it’s worth it to reach out to our team to help further clarify why purchasing a whitening treatment is the best, quickest and safest option for bright white results.

Teeth whitening at Majestic Wellness and Aesthetics is done in a little under 90 minutes. It’s typical for clients to see a whitening and brightening of between three and eight shades in that time frame. Most at home whitening strips are six percent hydrogen peroxide, at home whitening trays are twenty-two percent hydrogen peroxide. The gel (and bleach free) solution used is enhanced by light and its heat shorten the time and increase results. A huge advantage to medical spa teeth whitening is having a certified professional guiding you through the process and giving you the dramatic, bright white results, you want.  A surprising amount of our first time clients often Google “ teeth whitening near me “ as a result of whitening jobs at home that have gone wrong or didn’t give the results that were the reason at home whitening was attempted.

How much does teeth whitening cost? How long does teeth whitening last? How does teeth whitening work? These are all common questions when it comes to deciding on whether or not to invest in the professional service of having your teeth whitened. For the cost of our teeth whitening services, please call 208-886-0774. After a full service treatment to whiten your teeth, the results last an average of six to nine months. A take home kit for touch ups is available to purchase too. Client who purchase the take home kit see that their results last closer to a year, sometimes more, with the additional (and wuick) home maintenance. At Majestic Aesthetic and Wellness medical spa, we use LED blue light for the most effective and safe teeth whitening experience.

Americans alone spend over 1.4 billion dollars each year on teeth whitening products (non-prescription) to have a brighter and whiter smile. Globally, the desire for white teeth is so high that 3.2 billion dollars is spent. LED teeth whitening has become the most popular and a very safe way to ger results. A chemical agent (and one that is bleach free) is rubbed on the teeth and then an LED light is used to active the lighting agent. The activation of the lighting agent causes a chemical reaction. The blue light of the LED penetrates through the enamel of teeth and lifts existing stains. LED lights does not change the color of the teeth without the whitening agent. The LED light is what speeds up the whitening process. LED lights are a safer option than ultraviolet lighting. UV lights have been known to cause the mutation of cells whereas an LED light does not cause cells to mutate.

A whiter and brighter smile done with LED lighting will not damage or ruin the enamel of your teeth. The main portion of teeth is called the “dentin” and that is what is responsible for the color of teeth. When teeth are whitened, the solution that coat the surface of the tooth travels through the enamel to the dentin. The tissue in the dentin that has been stained over time begins to lighten from the inner layer out.

Investing in teeth whitening is investing in a healthier, happier you. One of the first things people notice is our smile and the friendliness that comes from confidence in who we are. Giving yourself a confidence boost thanks to teeth whitening is something you won’t regret. Our team of professionals is ready and waiting to schedule you for that confidence boost, ensuring you’ll love the change after your teeth whitening treatment. With gift certificates available, this is a great idea for a girl’s night, special occasion gift (we see you, brides!) or even a date night.

We look forward to making your smile whiter and brighter!!!

“I thoroughly loved my experience of having my teeth whitened at Majestic Aesthetics and Wellness. From the time I arrived through when I left, I was given all the information I needed, and I was well taken care of in terms of relaxation. I was thrilled with how many shades whiter my teeth were at the end. I will definitely be booking again!”
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