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At some point in time, all of our bodies could (and do) highly benefit from a vitamin boost. The need may be a result of age, a side-effect of a health struggles or even that decision to let loose and partake in a few extra drinks. Vitamin Infusion Treatment is a fast and convenient way to increase the body’s intake of needed Vitamins by upwards of 40%. Typically, when we take vitamins (even high-quality ones) only about 40-45% are absorbed by the body. A direct infusion of vitamins to our veins gives us closer to a 90% rate of absorption. Hydration is something that is key to the health of all people, Vitamin Infusion is a convenient and quick way to give anyone’s health a boost.

Vitamin infusion is an easy procedure that takes between 30-60 minutes, depending on how depleted the client’s body is. A single session tends to be more than enough to restore the rosiness and softness of the clients’ skin but not always. If additional treatments are necessary, you’ll know. Prior to the treatment, Majestic Aesthetics and Wellness practitioner, Laura Matjasich, will do a wellness check, ensuring a Vitamin Infusion is the right boost for you. She’ll ask questions about your medical history and specifics regarding your lifestyle. This information is vital in helping Laura to know which vitamins and minerals will best benefit and elevate your system.

Many different types of people choose to have vitamin infusions done for different reasons. Clients of Majestic Aesthetics and Wellness regularly come for treatments to help with skin whitening, skin brightening, dark spot removal, dullness removal, skin detoxification, skin purification, extra hydration before a night of consuming alcoholic beverages or additional help recovering from drinking lots of alcohol. Vitamin treatment is also known to reduce stress, rid the body of toxins, help balance hormones and bring relief to the system. Depending on your reasoning for choosing a specific treatment target, different vitamins will be used. The most common vitamins or minerals used are Vitamin B, Vitamin C, Vitamin A, zinc, Vitamin B12, calcium and magnesium. Another used regularly, but not as well-known is the antioxidant glutathione. Glutathione is a powerful mineral that reduces discolorations we see on our skin as well as brightening the skin. Vitamin A supports the brain, heart, immune system and the brain. Vitamin B optimizes energy. Vitamin C fights illness and stress. It also increases collagen production which in turn gives skin a more clear and firm appearance. Zinc works to prevent illness onset. Vitamin B12 promotes healthy blood and the function of a nervous system.

As previously shared above, vitamin infusions are a really great option for meeting many different needs when it comes to taking good care of the skin. It is of vast importance to be honest with Laura when preparing for your treatment. There are certain medical conditions that would prohibit a client from receiving the treatment. As a former Intensive Care Unit and Family Practice nurse, Laura’s expertise and knowledge is essential to planning the best treatment for your body. Majestic Aesthetics and Wellness provides treatments only for clients over the age of 18. Some may seek out vitamin infusions for a simple fix and be thrilled to learn that vitamin infusion treats a whole host of conditions (but does not influence dermal care at all). The injection of vitamins and minerals into your veins gives your immune system a boost. It also will find any deficiencies in your body and can help (if not fully) bring it to the correct level is needs to be at for ultimate performance and health. Studies show that vitamin injections can also improve symptoms of depression, improve anxiety, reduce symptoms of migraines, combat fatigue, improve symptoms of asthma, enhance mental clarity and cognitive function too. It also can strengthen hair, skin and nails. For athlete’s, IV drips can reduce recovery time, support muscle recovery and as either a pre-exercise boost or a part of a hard workout recovery. This treatment can be, and is, used by bother amateur and professional athletes.

Majestic Wellness and Aesthetic is intentional about providing the safest environment possible for their vitamin infusion sites. Each client always receives their treatment through new needles and IV lines, nothing is ever used more than once. When done at the medical spa, a sterile environment is easily managed. When at local markets, concerts, birthday parties and so on, the team cleans between clients. At the time of treatment, the injection site is sealed (usually from a closed vein in the arm) and then the IV is injected. No more than one hour later, the treatment is complete, and you are on your way to a more energized day.

In a world of instant gratification, a vitamin infusion done intravenously usually takes a few hours to show results. Initially, some clients feel a bit lightheaded due to the sudden onset of vitamins and minerals. The lightheadedness usually passes within 15 minutes. Drinking plenty of water after your treatment, as well as eating a nutrient dense meal will further enhance the boost just given to your system. Less than 24 hours later for most, and for sure by the 24-hour mark, your skin will feel softer, have better elasticity and a natural glow. Many clients are thrilled at the reduction of their fine lines and wrinkles after receiving a vitamin infusion. The additional hydration to your entire system gives your skin the feeling of health and youthfulness.

Investing the time and money into a treatment is an excellent way to give a hand-up to your body. The staff at Majestic Aesthetics and Wellness is a place to receive the care your body needs. Insert Hyperlink here “Click here” to schedule your vitamin and mineral infusion. It’s a great date night idea, pre-girls night relaxation time, or recovery option. With hundreds of happy clients, we look forward to serving you and yours with excellent care and results you won’t be able to deny. For more information regarding availability and pricing, call 208-886-0774.

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