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I think you’d be surprised at how many people google “liposuction near me” or “Fat grafting is nothing new to the cosmetic and medical world. It has long been used to enhance areas of the body that have lost volume over time. As with most things in our world, advances in technology and medicine have made fat grafting more efficient and convenient than ever before. My team and I are beyond thrilled to now be offering BeautiFill – laser suction and fat grafting- now available at Majestic Aesthetics and Wellness. Keep reading to find out why I invested in a liposuction option for my amazing clients!

What is BeautiFill?
BeautiFill is an FDA approved fat transfer that uses a laser wand to loosen and take fat cells from a patient’s abdomen, thighs, hips, butt, flanks, knees, and chin/neck. The fat is then processed and purified before being injected in the area of choice for the patient (cheeks, under-eye, face, breasts and buttocks).   BeautiFill is much quicker when it comes to taking the fat out and transferring it elsewhere on the body. The use of the laser gives an added benefit of tightening the skin which lowers the risk of the skin sagging after the fat has been removed and the body heals.

Why Use BeautiFill?

BeautiFill is unmatched when it comes to happy clients who use laser liposuction via BeautiFill for fat grafting. This advanced form of a fat transfer surgery where fat cells from one spot of the body are collected and then transferred to another place on the body. The fact that the fat that is being transferred is the patient’s own fat makes this procedure to have so many less risks than other types of fat transfer surgeries. When a patient’s own fat is used and transferred, there is a much lower risk of an allergic reaction. A lot of patients also prefer a more authentic feel and a natural look when it comes to fat transfer augmentations, so using BeautiFill over implants or fillers is becoming more and more popular.

BeautiFIll is also FDA approved and is considered very safe. Patients see results after just one procedure and those results last for years (especially in comparison to other injectable fillers). Due to how quick the procedure is, there is less trauma to the skin and, as mentioned earlier, the laser tightens the skin in the area the fat is removed.

Am I good candidate for BeautiFill?
BeautiFill is most effective on non-smokers who are in good health. If you have a condition that effects your circulation or healing, please be sure tell me in your consult. BeautiFIll is not a weight loss treatment, it is a transfer of fats, not full removal of them.

How long is recovery after a BeautiFill treatment?
Because most procedures of the fat transfer are volumizing small areas (like a patient’s cheeks or under-eye), downtime is typically less than 48 hours. If the fat transfer is going to volumize the breast, there is going to be more swelling and tenderness that will lead to a longer recovery time.

If the BeautiFill is used to extract from one area and transferred to enhance the buttocks, the recovery time could be several weeks. A transfer to the buttocks should be done by a board-certified plastic surgeon, and preferably has many years of experience with this particular type of fat transfer.

Is a fat transfer by BeautiFill permanent?
Studies and clients have reported that their BeautiFill treatment has lasted many years. It is anticipated that BeautiFIll treatments will leave patients happy and satisfied for upwards of a decade. The commitment of the patient to a healthy lifestyle (eating nutrient dense foods and keeping your body active with movement) is key to that long-term result time span. Major fluctuations in both weight loss and gain after a procedure will affect your areas of treatment. New fat cells could/would form and existing could/would shrink. Each person’s genetics are also a factor, specifically aging and hormones, but for those who experience a change due to aging or hormones, a repeat procedure can bring them back to where they want to be.

Is BeautiFIll only for women?

No, it isn’t! Many men use BeautiFill for enhancing their chests or calves! Medical Spas around the country are seeing increased bookings for men seeking out BeautFill treatments.

How to Schedule
Click here to schedule your consult online or call 208-886-0774 with me! I currently will be doing this treatment at the Twin Falls, Idaho location only.

What is the cost of BeautiFill fat transfers?
The cost of a fat transfer is all dependent on where the fat is coming and where it’s going. Click here and select “Twin Falls” to schedule your consult, which will go over everything regarding in the procedure, answer all your questions and allow you to know the cost before you book!  The treatment you want may be more affordable than you think!

Is there a Payment Plan Option for BeautiFill?
Yes, there absolutely is! Check out this blog on our Medical Spa’s absolute *favorite* payment plans. (And you can use Cherry to finance any of our available treatments!)
Other Questions
Click here to send me any questions you may have regarding a BeautiFill fat transfer. I want you to be fully informed, no question is not worth asking!

You deserve to look and feel like your truest and best self. BeautiFill is one of the many ways that my team and I at Majestic Aesthetics and Wellness help men and women see on the outside what they feel on the outside. We are proud to serve our clients with this safe, convenient, long-lasting treatment that helps refine their body or face (or both!). Please don’t hesitate to click the link above if you’ve got more questions, I would truly be so happy to answer them. If you’re ready, click that link above and schedule your consult with me. The refinement you’ve been wanting is available, affordable, and waiting for you!

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