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Move over, Botox…
Jeuveau is FDA approved and here to stay!

Don’t get me wrong, Botox is great, helpful, necessary, and effective. Botox is the OG injectable. It received FDA approval in 2002 and has been changing lives since then. Botox is an injectable that can reduce the appearance of wrinkles. In addition to helping reduce the appearance of wrinkles, Botox can also assist in reducing sweating, relieving an overactive bladder, improving a lazy eye, assisting with migraines and calming neck spasms. Botox paralyzes or weakens the muscles that are overacting, giving relief (and rejuvenation) to clients who seek out the incredible things it helps with.

Jeuveau, on the other hand, is purely an injectable for reducing forehead wrinkles, frown lines, crow’s feet, and other fine lines and wrinkles. It was approved by the FDA in 2019 and has been highly sought after ever since. Jeuveau shows its effectiveness in as few as 2-3 days after receiving the injections. If you’ve seen the hashtag “newtox” – the product being referenced is Jeuveau as it is the new version of the same active ingredient in the original Botox.

Both Jeuveau and Botox are affordable, effective, and applied in the same manner. Either treatment takes less than 30 minutes (hello, lunch break plans!!). Side effects are minimal and easy to manage. Both products are injectables. The cost of the two are very similar. Botox typically costs clients between $10 and $20 per unit. Jeuveau is coming in between $8 and $16 per unit. If you. Click here you can choose between our Twin Falls, Idaho, and Salt Lake City, Utah locations for scheduling a consult. Both contain the same active ingredient. Their difference lie in that Jeuveau is only approved for cosmetics. Jeuveau’s Hi-Pure technology takes additional steps to ensure that dangerous proteins have been removed and aids with absorption.

Clients around the world are raving at the results they get from Jeuveau. They love how quickly it works and they cannot get enough of how long it lasts. Our staff here at Majestic Aesthetics and Wellness is loving it just as much as our clients are! Within a few days, there is a baby smoothness to the skin and it’s just the best. We are confident that Jeuveau will wear off more slowly, just as the scientific studies have shown. It also should be stated that Jeuveau results in a more “natural” look. Botox has been said to “freeze” the treatment area, leaving people void of expression. Jeuveau, thanks to its incredibly innovating purifying process, leads to a more natural look with the same results as Botox  with ability to have more natural expressions.

We are so thrilled to offer this to our clients. It’s important that what we offer is the best of the best and Jeuveau is simply the best. If you’ve got any questions about Jeuveau, or any other form of injectable, Click Here and select the “Contact Us” box at the bottom of the page.

We can’t wait to enhance how beautiful you are!

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