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No matter what type of skin you have, a facial is incredibly beneficial. Here at Majestic, Jacobi, our licensed aesthetician, has been serving clients for almost a decade. Jacobi is not just an experienced and proficient aesthetician. She is knowledgeable in her field, forever teaching her clients why she’s guided them to that specific facial and ensuring they are relaxed during the treatment. Read on to see the products we use and the types of facials we offer our clients.

Here at Majestic Aesthetics & Wellness, we are passionate about medical-grade skincare (and how a Health Savings Account can be used to pay for them). We believe so strongly in the skincare provided by Environ and Elta MD to the extent that they are the only brands we carry and use for client services. These products are medical-grade but, more importantly, the best available for customizing to each person’s unique skin needs.

If you suffer from acne, Jacobi recommends the “Acne Facial.” This facial is for the person who suffers from chronic acne (the ones you may notice when out and about and immediately are distracted by their skin). This facial is 45 minutes long and incredibly popular at Majestic Aesthetics and Wellness. In the acne facial, clients will receive treatment to rid their skin of blackheads, clogged pores, and white bumps. This facial isn’t at all one to treat acne scarring but to fully extract all of the junk from pores and remove dead skin. Using the products that we do will lead to a neutralization of bacteria which in turn helps to stop breakouts. After the skin has been fully extracted, clients receive the highly effective and relaxing “red light therapy,” which dulls inflammation and helps with redness and discoloration after the extractions have been done. A face mask and Vitamin A serum will be used to fully hydrate and rejuvenate the skin.

The Men’s Facial focuses on ridding of dead skin over the face and removing blackheads or anything that needs to be extracted. Most men have an excess of blackheads on their noses, so time is spent focusing on the nose and skin around it. Next up, a Cool Peel is used and will promote growth factors and enzymes that contribute to new collagen formations. Things to keep in mind when coming in for a Men’s Facial is to not have freshly shaved the morning or day of the facial. And don’t worry, having a beard is not a reason not to invest in a facial. Bearded men see great results from our facial and the special treatment of beard oil being applied.

The Dermasweep MD Facial is a hydro-facial, which will not only cleanse and soothe your skin but also rejuvenate your skin. Our clients love the true glow they experience with the removal of extractions, dermaplaning, and intense hydration their skin receives. You will love the 60 minutes curated to your specific skin types and needs. And as you know, we love the Environ and Elta MD products for all they do for our skin!

The Majestic Signature DF Facial is sought after for how therapeutic it is. Clients receive the standard extractions, a cool peel, hydration serums (like major hydration serums in the form of a peptide), and red-light therapy. In addition (yes, it’s true, there is even more to this incredible facial), this facial is 75 minutes and uses electrical energy and sound waves to help the products penetrate even further into the skin, giving longer-lasting results. This facial also helps repair damaged DNA cells, which means healthier skin. Clients love adding in dermaplaning for the removal of pesky facial hair. The Signature Facial is curated for each client and can include products and treatments like a revival mask, a cleansing toner, pigmentation serum, Vitamins A, and Vitamin C. For those wanting to level up their Signature Facial, Jacobi is a magician with the Majestic Signature PDF Facial with Alginate Mask. This facial brings all the goodness that is the Signature Facial and elevates it with the Alginate Mask. This mask calms, soothes, and restores skin. Clients with rosacea or who have had doses of Vitamin A that were too high absolutely love this facial.

The Forma Facial is an incredibly luxurious facial that people from all over Southern Idaho come to Majestic Aesthetics for. Jacobi uses radiofrequency heat to tighten areas of skin in your face and neck. The heat increases collagen products, and healthy collagen is necessary for healthy skin. This session is 60 minutes long and requires multiple sessions to be as effective and long-lasting as possible.

There’s one more facial to share with you, and that’s the Majestic Booty or Back Facial. This is a simple yet highly effective treatment for those who want a refresh. The area will not only be cleansed, and all extractions are done, but given a cool peel and toner! It’s a 30-minute treatment that’s so great!

I think that covers them all! If you’ve got questions about our facials that weren’t answered here, call 208-886-0774 or click here to schedule your facial at the time that works best for you!

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