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Do you have a tattoo? Do you have a tattoo (or tattoos) that you dislike? What about ones that you loathe? Whether it’s a relationship that’s ended, a spring break memento that you may not remember getting, or you want to join the military, you aren’t stuck with your tattoo. It used to be taboo to be a professional with visible tattoos, and although times have changed, many people are still choosing to rid of their tattoos.


No matter why you’d like the tattoo gone, Majestic Wellness and Aesthetics is proud to offer the residents of Southern Idaho and Northern Utah tattoo removal services. Thanks to modern technology, tattoos can be removed entirely, with your skin looking healthy and untouched when the removal is complete. What once may have been a marker you wanted to keep for years to come can now be erased forever.


It may seem like it’s magic, but the science of laser is what has revolutionized the lives of the thousands of people with tattoos that are no longer wanted. When a tattoo is being removed, the laser pulsates light energy. The pulsation of light penetrates the skin and is then absorbed by the tattoo’s ink. As the tattoo ink absorbs the energy, the heat causes it to shatter into tiny fragments. Time goes by (usually within a few weeks) the natural flushing of the immune system flushes the particles away. As the particles move away from the location, the appearance of the tattoo gets lighter and lighter. Each treatment received removes more and more of the ink via laser treatment until the tattoo is fully gone.


As you know, tattoos come in every possible color and shade of that color. Different colored tattoos receive and then absorb the laser pulsations at different wavelengths. Although this treatment is highly effective, it is not one and done. Most removals take months to complete and average between five and ten treatments before the tattoo is fully removed. Treatments are scheduled a minimum of 6 weeks apart. The multiple treatments and the time between them directly result of how tattoos are initially placed on the body. When a person gets a tattoo, ink is injected into different levels of the dermis. On the first treatment, the top layer of ink in the top layer of the dermis is where the laser will first reach. The following treatment will get the next layer and so on.


Tattoo removal is incredibly safe and incredibly effective, and it’s non-invasive. People often ask how much tattoo removal hurts. That question is hard to properly answer because each person has a different level of pain tolerance. Most people say that the removal process hurts far less than the actual tattooing did. The laser pulses are often compared to a rubber band snapping against your skin. Another popular question is if there will be scarring after the removal process. Scarring from tattoo removal is highly unlikely, but it does sometimes occur. Older tattoos are easier to remove than new tattoos, which leads to fewer necessary treatments.


If you have a question about tattoo removal that hasn’t been answered here, feel free to put it in the comments below. To schedule a tattoo removal, call 208-886-0774 or schedule online. We are thrilled to be booking appointments each day for tattoo removal.
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