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Building a community goes far beyond a neighborhood, a church group, a book club, a running group, or any of the dozens of other ways we seek out connection in our lives. Community is a place where we can connect with people who may be similar to us, but strong communities are often built with different people. People who look differently, vote differently, believe differently. Those who are for Botox and those who aren’t. Those who want to find self-care to be a personalized facial from Jacobi here at Majestic or those who run regularly. We are better together and always want to learn from each other. 

Majestic Aesthetics and Wellness has “wellness” in our name on purpose. Wellness on its own can be interpreted in a lot of ways, and as a medical spa, we want the women (and men) in our Twin Falls area to be well. To be happy with who they are and how they spend their time. We intend to create opportunities for Southern Idaho to pursue the four dimensions of wellness (spiritual, emotional, physical, and social). You may have read about Majestic’s first Galentine’s Night/Ladies Night Out, where we invited local sex therapist Shannon Kerrick to share with us about sexual wellness. We had such an incredible time that we decided to put together more events to build community within Southern Idaho. 

On International Women’s Day, we partnered with Gemstone Climbing for a Women’s Event. Owner and chef at Yellow Brick Cafe nourished attendees with phenomenal appetizers of organic foods. Over 25 women from different walks of life came to partake in a restorative yoga class, led by yogi Kim DePew. Kim had led over 4,500 yoga classes in the last ten years. She is known for her ability to connect her students with themselves, providing freedom in her classes to explore what the body needs during yoga. Kim walked us all through a wellness opportunity upon which we could choose to connect spiritually, emotionally, physically, and socially. Kim led us to connect with ourselves, inviting gratitude in and releasing tension, focusing on the spiritual side of whatever we believe in. Emotionally, Kim incorporated yoga poses that released emotions and shared with us that the release of emotion during our class, or even later that evening was more than normal. (Who knew it was normal to cry during a yoga class?!?!) Physically she gave us permission to adapt and explore within the poses to best fit the needs of our bodies. Socially, we all connected over the great food and yoga class, both before and after the event. 

The night left everyone excited for future women’s events (and definitely more classes led by Kim) for us to continue to pursue wellness in our lives. Conversations were had about how the combination of conversation, food, and yoga made people feel calm and connected to themselves and the friends they came with. The google search of “yoga near me” takes on a whole new meaning when it occurs in places with the intention of unification and community. Our team from Majestic Aesthetics and Wellness was elated to seek out wellness with many of our clients as well as many new faces who attended thanks to the generosity of space and Gemstone Climbing. 

If you don’t already, follow our Instagram (@majestic_aestheticsandwellness) to keep up to date with future community events we are offering! If you’d like to suggest an event you think our community would like, please tell us in the blog comments!

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