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As we age, our skin becomes lax and forms lines. While injectables like Botox or cosmetic fillers may create a more youthful appearance, only a surgical facelift can remove loose skin. However, a new beauty treatment promises similar facelifting and rejuvenation results without the need for surgery – the thread lift.


What Is a Thread Lift?

A thread lift is a cosmetic treatment that uses temporary sutures to stitch up and pull back parts of the skin to create a facelifting effect. In addition to lifting the skin, the threads induce the body’s healing response which stimulates collagen production and further adds to the procedure’s anti-aging effect. At Majestic we use high quality FDA approved threads for our treatments.

Thread Lift vs. Facelift

Many people who wonder how to look younger prefer the safe, non-invasive nature and reduced recovery time of a thread lift. Unlike a facelift, which requires surgery, a thread lift is easy to perform by a licensed professional and thus costs less.


Since threads are performed under local anesthesia, patients recover easily and don’t require assistance from someone else post-treatment. They, at most, need to take one day off to rest and usually don’t experience any pain, just some redness, soreness, and swelling.


Thread lifts involve no bruising, bleeding, scarring, or other complications. In the rare case that a patient experiences infection or irritation, the sutures can simply be removed without harming the skin or face.


As for patients who get a facelift: they need to be sedated and require around-the-clock assistance from someone for at least 3 days post-surgery. To properly heal from facelift surgery, patients need to take one to two weeks off from work. However, facelift results are more dramatic and last longer.


The Future of Anti-aging Treatments

While thread lifts offer a safer, faster, and more affordable alternative to facelift surgery, patients should only expect a subtle, natural-looking lift of a few millimeters.


However, since thread lifts are nonsurgical and low-risk, they can be combined with other anti-aging treatments like ultherapy and thereby produce more noticeable results without the need for surgery. All in all, a thread lift is safe, affordable, and effective and a great alternative to the traditional facelift.

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