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Whatever skincare routine you follow, chances are, you’re just guessing what’s best for your face. With Visia, a new innovative device, you can now get a precise analysis of your skin which helps providers make targeted recommendations that get you faster and better skin results.


How Does It Work?

At first, the Visia device scans your skin and checks for strengths and weaknesses by capturing your face from all sides – left, right and front. In just a few minutes, it produces a 3D scan of your face by measuring the following:


  1. Spots – Visia identifies skin lesions or spots, including acne and acne scars, freckles, hyperpigmentation, and vascular lesions.
  2. Pores – Pores are identified as tiny, circular surface openings, or holes, in the skin.
  3. Wrinkles – Wrinkles are creases, furrows, or folds in the skin that are associated with aging and reduced skin elasticity. With different facial expressions, Visia can visualize which areas of your face develop wrinkles the most.
  4. Texture – By assessing changes in colors and shadows of the surrounding skin, peaks and valleys can be identified by the Visia device.
  5. Porphyrins – Porphyrins refer to a substance that becomes lodged in pores. They’re produced by bacteria and lead to acne. Visia uses a UV light to identify porphyrins.
  6. UV Spots – UV spots indicate sun-induced skin damage that isn’t visible to the naked eye but can be detected by Visia.
  7. Red Areas – Visia uses RBX technology to detect redness associated with acne, rosacea, or spider naevi.
  8. Brown spots – Also known as hyperpigmentation, brown spots like moles, freckles, and melasma form from an excess of melanin.

Once your skin is assessed, it is compared to your peer group, which helps providers create a personalized treatment program tailored to your unique needs. At the same time, it provides a baseline for your skin’s progress, which will be tracked over time. To check whether your treatments work, you’ll be able to see before and after pictures in future sessions.



Benefits of Visia

Instead of guessing what treatments may work for patients, Visia provides a precise assessment of someone’s skin condition, which increases the chances for successful outcomes.

The key benefits of Visia are:

  • Recommendation of personalized skincare treatments
  • Precise treatment outcome forecasts
  • The ability to identify hidden skin issues



Key Takeaways


Through innovative technology and 3D imaging, Visia gives your skincare specialist precise insights about your unique skin composition and profile. So whether your goal is to treat acne, sun damage, rosacea, dullness, or uneven skin tone, by first getting a Visia skin analysis, you’ll know your specific problem areas and skin conditions, and be assured of the best beauty treatment recommendations and outcomes for your unique needs.

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